Welcome to Baker City...

Heather Grange was born and raised in Baker City, Kansas. Once one of the richest towns in the United States, money and life leached out of the city as the oil boom subsided. Surrounded by the once grand, now abandoned Victorian mansions of the city’s glory days, Heather, like so many young people of Baker City, left for greener pastures.

After receiving a degree in journalism and encountering a harsh and increasingly digital world, Heather got word that, as the surviving heir of the Boone family, she had come into possession of the Boone House. Built by Elizabeth Boone, former town librarian and the great-grandmother of Heather’s adoptive mother, the house still seems to hold echoes of the past. Heather returns to the Boone House, ready to renovate it into the bed and breakfast of her dreams.

Upon her return, however, Heather discovers that there’s more to the Boone House–and her hometown–than meets the eye. Hidden at the end of every all-too-quiet street is another mystery. And even an experienced journalist like Heather needs some help piecing the clues together.

That’s where you come in. Every month, you’ll receive a new immersive mystery from the desk of Heather Grange. You’ll use each item in the packet to crack the case, whether someone is looking for a long-lost, long-dead relative or a prized family heirloom is not what it seems. Some cases may get dark, but with Heather to light the path, you’ll find a way to put it all to rights.

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