Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Murder Chronicles?

The Murder Chronicles is an immersive mystery subscription. Each month, you'll receive a packet of enigmatic documents and clues that explore a new mystery in Baker City.

Who is Heather Grange? What's the Boone House?

Heather Grange is our fledging detective–and the fledging owner of Boone House, the newest bed and breakfast in Baker City, Kansas. Formerly owned by her great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Boone, the Boone House is full of secrets. And so are the all-too-quiet streets of Baker City.

What do I need to solve the mystery?

Everything you need to solve each mystery is inside the shipment you receive. From Heather Grange's journal entries to revealing newspaper clippings and enigmatic old letters packed with clues, you'll find a fresh mystery in each box–and a solution waiting to be revealed.

When do you ship each entry of The Murder Chronicles?

We begin processing shipments of The Murder Chronicles on the first working day of every month. 

When is the last day I can place an order / cancel an order / make a change to an order before a packet ships? 

The last day to make changes or place an order for the upcoming edition of The Murder Chronicles is the last day of the month.


When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged when you sign up for The Murder Chronicles. The following month, your card will be charged on 20th, and on the 20th of each month going forward until you choose to cancel your subscription.

What does it cost to ship?

We charge $5 shipping and handling for U.S. subscribers; $10 shipping and handling for Canadian subscribers.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we are only able to ship to the United States and Canada. Though we hope to soon make The Murder Chronicles available to sleuths from around the world!  

Can I purchase The Murder Chronicles from prior months?

Yes! Click 'Previous Chronicles' up top to explore prior cases.

My shipping address changed; what do I do? 

Simply log in to your account at to update your personal information.  

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can log in to your account at to cancel your subscription. If you're unhappy with your experience, we appreciate the opportunity to heighten the mystery! Please contact us at with your feedback, and we'll do our best to provide you with the thrills that you were missing.


We love to hear from you! Write to us at We're available M-F 10AM to 5:30PM.