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About The Murder Chronicles

 The grand Victorian home has sat empty for a generation. But a new owner is in town…

Heather Grange is the adopted daughter of Elizabeth Boone’s great granddaughter, and as the last known heir to the Boone estate, she has recently come into possession of the Boone House. With a journalism degree that seems increasingly unlikely to provide her with a livable income in an ever-more-digital world, she has decided to move into the Boone House and make a go at converting it into a bed and breakfast.

What she doesn’t know is that Baker City is full of secrets—some as old as the splendid mansions that once lined “Millionaire’s Row.” She’ll soon find herself enmeshed in the mysteries surrounding the town. Join Heather to discover the mysteries that live next door...


“This was one of the most fun nights I have had in a while! I loved all the newsletter, the journal entry, and trying to figure out what the paintings were for in all of the mystery.” – Courtney

"I love getting this and having a case to solve! It is so easy to bring with me and pull out to read when I can. Solving it in my own time, a lot like carrying a cozy mystery with me and armchair sleuthing it!" – Karen